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Davenport Elks Lodge #298 Hosts 2016 Annual Hoop Shoot

Davenport Elks Lodge #298 Hosts Annual Hoop Shoot

(Davenport, Iowa) The Davenport Elks Lodge #298 hosted their annual Hoop Shoot on Saturday, January 9, 2016, in Davenport Central’s George Marshall Gym. More than 75 Iowa Quad Cities 8-13 year olds were registered for the free-throw competition after qualifying at their individual schools.

The boys and girls were classified into their respective age groups, 8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds and 12-13 year olds. Given a 10-minute warm-up, the 8-9 year olds started the Hoop Shoot off. With the boys on one side of the gym divided between two basketball hoops and the girls on the other, also divided between two hoops, each contestant shot 25 free-throws. The individuals making the most free throws won their division respectively, and the first place winners move on to compete at the district level on Saturday, January 16, 2016, in Keokuk, Iowa. District winners will then compete at the state level, the regional level and ultimately at the national level in Chicago, Ill. in April 2016.

A special congratulations to 11 year old Hattie Hagedorn from Alan Shepard Elementary School in Long Grove, Iowa, who won the overall Hoop Shoot by making 23 out of 25 free throws!

Congratulations to our local champions, second and third place winners:

8-9 Year Old Boys

1st Place – Carter Hoyt, Neil Armstrong, Eldridge

2nd Place – Jordan Smith, McKinley, Davenport

3rd Place – Brennan Reid, Ed White, Eldridge

8-9 Year Old Girls

1st Place – Stella Smith, McKinley, Davenport

2nd Place – Journey Houston, Harrison, Davenport

3rd Place – Abbey Hayes, Alan Shepard, Long Grove

10-11 Year Old Boys

1st Place – Grayson Juel, Neil Armstrong, Eldridge

2nd Place – Keaton Thissen, John F. Kennedy, Davenport

3rd Place – Kyler Gerardy, Ed White, Eldridge

10-11 Year Old Girls

1st Place – Hattie Hagedorn, Alan Shepard, Long Grove

2nd Place – Taylor Oetzmann, Alan Shepard, Long Grove

3rd Place – Alexandria Sullivan, Washington, Davenport

12-13 Year Old Boys

1st Place – Oliver Hughes, Virgil Grissom, Princeton

2nd Place – Dylan Akers, Ed White, Eldridge

3rd Place – Monterian Flores, JB Young, Davenport

12-13 Year Old Girls

1st Place – Mackenzie Bohr, Ed White, Eldridge

2nd Place – Kadren Howard, John F. Kennedy, Davenport

3rd Place – Danica Eberhart, Neil Armstrong, Eldridge

Hoop Shoot event chair Earl Oelerich said, “We have so many talented athletic youth in our area. Within each age group this year, we had to have a shoot-off for either second or third place. The Elks National Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program, through the Elks National Foundation, offers students the opportunity to engage in healthy competition, connect with their families and community and succeed both on and off the court. We want to especially thank all the youth who participated in this year’s Hoop Shoot program, their families who supported them and those who came to cheer them on.”

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