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Leading Knight's February 2021 Message

This month's Message is from the Leading Knight....

Fellow Elks,

Growing up we all heard many proverbs such as good things happen to good people, only the strong survive, you are what you eat, what goes around comes around, and on and on and on. The one my father always said was "after the rain the sun always and will come out”.

Here we are after a horrible COVID-plagued year; vaccines are becoming available, hospitals stays are less and less, death rate dropping, and our Governor opening businesses back up again. Hopefully things are getting back to normal. As I said, “here comes the sun”. With this boost of confidence, it’s now time for our members to pick up where we left off last March. Possibly, this may be the last time I can write on this page, so I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings.

First: A minor outdoor concert we had with Tyrone Stackhouse, just showed the comradery and fellowship that we attained. It’s like being a boss and seeing all your employees smile at your Christmas party, is just a good feeling.

Second; A soup kitchen that not only fed people, but also set the precedent to numerous other affairs and traditions here at 1068. The most important, Mothers’ Day and Super Bowl, got newspaper recognition. The Kitchen, looking at present time in a local church feeding 200 people per week surviving on monetary donations, being run by another charity.

Third: An essential worker drive by tribute. Not only two of our 1068 board members sit on the RWJ Board, but these 2 members were instrumental on this project. One being the face of the club, and the other I just had the recent opportunity to meet and glad they were on our team, Pierce and Jimmy Daley you guys just make it look so easy.

Fourth: The opportunity of being a part of one of the most prestigious, well respected Elk of The Year ceremonies, to have Joe Horner not only be a member of this club, but also represent 1068; is truly an honor. We should all try to pattern and acknowledge all the good that is done, these are big shoes to fill.

Fifth: As an observer at the Jack's Kids Christmas drive thru was not only fulfilling for me as I’m very passionate for charity work, but to see the dedication, effort and shear heart that those committee members have is unquestionable, to see the faces on those kids so excited in their cars just brings a tear to the eye, and the way this club has been the last year just adds more issues to these kids.

Sixth: To our Board of Directors, the most diverse, yet passionate group of individuals, that brought this club back on its feet, made it one of if the premiere clubs in the state, and most important got it the respect that it was lacking for a long time. Remember, a successful business is made by a team working together, not just one leader, and you guys set the bar to an unbelievable height.

In closing, as all can see these observations are so easy to continue. Look back at the oath you took, remember all the new members saying, "I’ll give back, volunteer, help kids" etc. Good aggressive members leaving, being in the spotlight instead of on the train, finger pointing, must stop.


Fraternally, Bill Stabile Leading Knight 

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