Cynthiana, KY Lodge News

District No. 3440

ATTENTION! We need help in the Bingo hall on Monday's

Hello Members,

We need another Bingo Caller and 2 members to work the pull tab counter as a team one time a month. As with the Officers the same people have been working Bingo for a long time. some of them are having to work more than one Monday a month. More people takes the stress off the others. Some of us work every Monday, John Schreiber and myself at the door along with David H., Joanie or Jenny, Judy and Ted at the main desk and Sonja works just about anywhere. We aren't going to quit we just need more help to ease the burden. Mrs. Carol and Jolene work pull tabs the 1st Monday while John Ward calls, David and Sharon work pull tabs the 2nd Monday while Shane Ishmael calls, Rick and Jenny work pull tabs the 3rd Monday while Sonja calls and Sonja and Sharon work pull tabs on the 4th Monday while David calls.

Shane has had to quit because of family so Sonja has been calling. As you can see David and Sharon have to work 2 monday's a month. They will be dropping out of the 2nd week. Hense this is the reason we need more help. Mrs. Carol has been working every monday here lately to help members out. She would like to go back to playing every once in a while.

Respectfully your's,

ER Rick "HUB" Fryman

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