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District No. 7560

From the desk of the Lodge Secretary - September, 2015

I will begin this month's message the same as I did last month's because it is still so relevant; that is, by extending a very big "Thank You" to those who have brought their Lodge dues current. Active membership is still the major force that drives us and keeps us solvent and our charitable endeavors productive.

Again, I will note at this writing, August 4th, we have 499 members on the roll with 62 still delinquent. There are additionally more Reinstatements, and candidates for Initiation that are in process, eight in all. In addition, we have a few more inquiries that have come in the past week.

By the time you get this Bull Elk, the Josephine County Fair will be history but we do thank all of you who visited our Lodge's food booth, a lot of effort goes into that project each year and so far it has been worth it. Also, September marks the end of the "dark" months and the return of monthly meetings and activities. There is a lot going on at the Lodge, so come on down and participate.

I do hope your Summer (it is still Summer) continues to be a fun and rewarding one and enjoy the sun but stay cool.

Remember, the Secretary's Office is always open for you the Lodge Member, if you have any questions, come on by or give me a call at (541) 479-0001. If you prefer, you can send me an email at

Fraternally Yours,

Gil Smith PER

Lodge Secretary 

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