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Meet Lt. Colonel Terry Burschetta, US Army retired. He is a 5 time purple heart recipient, has 4 silver stars and 27 air metals. He was in the 3rd Special Forces Unit, 82nd Air Command and 101st Air Mobile Division. Lt. Colonel Terry Burschetta has an Engineer Degree and two (2) master's degrees. He has over 3,000 jumps under his belt as a paratrooper. He opened camp 3km from Hamburger Hill in Vietnam, which he was stationed at for 5 years (off & on). After serving our country for 22 years he became a business owner, executive and Tempe school bus driver. Playing B-I-N-G-O with Veterans isn't just a game for a couple hours. It's a history lesson, a friendship in the making, admiration and honor. We don't know if they look forward to us coming to see them more or if we look forward to seeing them more. The 2nd Saturday of every month Tempe Elks Lodge hosts B-I-N-G-O at the VA-CLC. Come see what we see!
There is a photo of Lt. Colonel Terry Burschetta with Henry Brown and Bill Santee in the photo gallery. Take a peek.

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