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Exalted Ruler’s Message - January 2013

First of all, First Lady Cathy and I need to say a heartfelt thank-you to the following members and committee workers.
1. Lodge Activities Committee for a very successful Adult Xmas Party with a great job on the decorations for the Holiday Season; 2. Alfred Carpenter, Santa (N.G.) and helpers for the Children’s Christmas Party; 3. The Tuesday Night Meal Donors for their great food; 4. Community Activities Committee for a great benefit supper, Christmas baskets, etc.; 5. Youth Activities Committee for the Sunday fundraising suppers and helping sponsor the Elks Dictionary Project; 6. Bill Demo for lighting up the Christmas tree on Upper Madison Avenue; 7. Dave Savoy for his time and musical talents with the piano on Thursday and Friday; a great job and entertainment for all; 8. Jessica Hebert of the Drug Awareness Committee for passing out the Drug Awareness materials to our local students and conducting the contests; 9. All my officers on a fine job with the initiation on Dec. 12; and 10. Bud Philbrick, Mike Lange and the officers for a fine Memorial Day Service.

Congrats to Bob Gilman, in the lucky winner of our second Queen of Hearts Game. What a great Christmas gift! To all volunteering members: keep up the great work and thank you again.

As you can see by the January events, we are in for another enjoyable and busy month. I challenge you all to attend at least two of these events. Also, as the lodge year starts winding down, we are in the process of recruiting members for next year's officers. If interested, contact Mike Lange or myself ASAP. We would like get new people started in the chairs and let the PERs relax.

If any member or guest is interested in starting a Zumba Exercise Night or a Line Dancing Class on Thursdays during Jan., Feb. and March, please sign at the bar or call Jen Ames or Cathy Voisine to sign you up. We need to see how many are willing to participate for a minimal fee before we officially start with the approval of the membership.

Don't forget to support ENF and MEA State President John Nicholson and First Lady Tina May on their visit to our great Lodge on Jan. 19.

We are getting a good class of new members this year. So, let's keep up the good job in proposing quality candidates. It is a good time of year to get friends and relatives interest in Elkdom when you have your holiday gatherings. Don't forget to buy your New Year's Eve tickets at the bar.

On that note, Cathy, my Officers and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

“Elks Care Elks Share”

(Ronald A. Voisine, E.R. 2012-13)