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District No. 8280

ENF Gratuity Grant to aid VA Hospice

THANK YOU ALL, from the
Loyal Knight Chair that oversees
the ENF donations for the Lodge.
As you know, the Lodge reached
the GER’s goal of $4.50 per member
for the 2009-2010 year. As a
result we received a gratuity grant
of $500 for the Lodge to donate.
This year we heard that Fort
Meade VA Hospice unit receives no
funds for events like a Memorial
Service, etc. for snacks and sodas.
We voted to donate it to them, on
behalf of PER Corky Schultz who
is receiving care with the unit.
I told them we came to bribe the
staff to take care great care of
Corky, but, after seeing his accommodations,
that went up in smoke.
If you’ve had the chance to visit
him you know what I mean! We
donated the money anyway, the
staff was very appreciative, and
said they really can use it. The
Lodge can do good things, when
you give as you do..
Tim Werlinger
Est. Loyal Knight

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