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District No. 3200

Veteran Denim Rugs

The Vets make rugs out of old denim materials (denim shirts and jeans, old jean legs you cut off, so as you can have shorts, will also do; jean jackets, or denim coats or skirts; any denim garment, color does not matter).
The Veterans then sell their rugs at a very modest cost to people, this is something they can do and bring in a little income.
The garments will be picked up by me, Patsy Hoyt, then I will pass them to another lady and in turn, she will pass them to a lady that will transport them to Marshalltown to the Veterans.
If interested in ordering, please sign your name, number of rugs and phone number on sheet of paper on the bulletin board inside back door of Elks Lodge (#374). We can't give you a delivery date, but they will be delivered as we get them and payment at that time.
The Veterans were very low on their denim supply, (we found out through a lady, and that is what started this drive to help them).
Thank you for your help!!
call 372-8630 or 372-7918 for pick up of DENIM
Denim Rugs: 27'' wide
38'' long
3'' fringe on each side
cost: $6.00 each

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