Eveleth, MN Lodge News

District No. 4600


To assist in addressing long-term Lounge bartending needs, as well as to help sensitive financial issues, we are establishing a roster of bartenders and bartender wannabes for the Lodge.

The House Committee has decided that it is VERY IMPORTANT to prudently manage labor costs, and as such is promoting a volunteer bartending role for those times when the Lounge is desired to be open but the customer base may be such that it does not necessarily warrant staffing a bartender - meeting nights, for instance.

WE TRUST that all members will agree with this vision and embrace the concept of a rotating volunteer bartending progam. All are encouraged, and anyone interested should contact any officer to add their name to what we hope will become a sizable pool of particpating members. If we get enough participation, it may turn out that any one member would only have to volunteer their services maybe twice a year!

Don't worry if you have never bartended before - you will be "trained" by a seasoned group of social veterans!

Additionally, we will continue to staff bartenders, with an eye toward utilizing their services for busier times and the plethora of special events which are offered by the Lodge. A roster of staff bartenders is desired, as well. Here, too, contact any officer regarding your interest in serving the Lodge in this capacity.

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