Eveleth, MN Lodge News

District No. 4600

Lodge Exterior Improvements

The exterior of the Lodge building had been experiencing deterioration of portions of its masonary construction, notably the eroding of the front-side cornice cap on the top of the building.

We are pleased to announce that these repairs and restorations have now been completed.

The front-side cornice cap has been restored, and additionally tuckpointing of most (if not all) portions of the exterior brickwork which were experiencing deterioration to a potential structural degree has been completed as well.

The masonary contractor selected to perform this work, L & K Masonary, has reported that the building is generally in pretty good shape, and that we "got after it" at the right time - that is to say before the deterioration and erosion became a significant structural issue or problem. They anticipate that the restoration/repair should last at least 10+ years.

You may notice, if you look close, that there is not a perfect "color match" on the repaired portions of the cornice cap. This would have been almost impossible to match, given the age and weathering of the existing materials. However, there are preliminary plans to paint the building before the 2009 State Convention, so this will only be a temporary condition that will disappear when new paint is applied!

When it becomes time for painting, GUESS WHAT - EVERYBODY is invited to participate and help!

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