Iola, KS 569

Iola, KS Lodge News


Well here goes another year.......

I have been elected as your exalted ruler, and hope to fulfill the obligations of the position.

My only goal is to work for the betterment of the organization. Our Elks is made up of over 360 members. Each one of you is important, each one of your opinions is important.

Please sit in on meetings, not only lodge, but the house committee and trustees. They need to know what your opinions are. The agendas for the house committee and trustees meeting will start to be published in the bulletin. You have the opportunity to attend meetings when they are addressing issues that may concern you.

I feel this will benefit our membership, because as members, you will be kept informed of the "on goings" of the operation of our lodge and have a chance to voice your concerns and opinions.

Our lodge is important, our members are important, and your opinions are important....Lets make this year fun...get involved, we need your support!

Your Exhalted Ruler
Kyle King