Eveleth, MN Lodge News

District No. 4600


To update all regarding current Lodge Building needs and the opportunity to plan and provide for these needs, we provide this update.

Lodge membership has voted to repair the exterior masonry facade of the Lodge Building at the earliest possible opportunity. The renovation work is required primarily to avert a potential safety hazard and to preventatively maintain the exterior facade of the Lodge Building.

This work, which will consist fundamentally of repair of the masonry and cornice cap on the top of the front side of the building, is estimated at approximately $8,000, and is hoped to be completed in late spring 2008. Deterioration over time of this exterior masonry could potentially result in pieces of the facade breaking away and creating an unacceptable falling objects hazard.

Following completion of this repair, the Lodge facade will require repainting. Any final design concepts or thoughts are invited for suggestion.

The Lodge climate control plant (heating and air conditioning) is also due for replacement in the forseeable future. Although this plant has served the Lodge well, it is getting tired and old, and, as a result, less reliable and cetainly less efficient. Replacement of this plant, although a considerable capital investment, will have immediate return to the Lodge in terms of energy efficiency and associated utility expenses. The useful life of the new plant is conservatively estimated at thirty (30) years.

Lodge leadership has continued to plan for these capital expenses partially through the continuation of the Building Fund. For more information regarding the structure and purpose of this fund, or how members can contribute to this fund, please contact any Lodge officer. Please be reminded that building capital improvements which are not funded through the Building Fund would, in all likelihood, need to be funded from the General Fund, whose primary purpose is to cover ongoing Lodge operating and administrative expenses.

The Lodge Officers and Trustees respectfully encourage all members to give sincere personal consideration as to how they may participate or contribute to the preservation of our historic Lodge Building - one of only two (2) remaining in Minnesota with the Lodge Room located on the second floor (an original Elks tradition).

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