Chino Valley, AZ Lodge News

District No. 0460

Bingo Equipment from Clifton

On Saturday, April 21, four of our members made a 650 mile round trip pilgrimage to Clifton,AZ to transport a fabulous Bingo Machine, Bingo Board, speakers and lots of Bingo items back to Chino Valley. All of this was donated to our new Lodge by Clifton Lodge. We're just starting our 3rd year as a Lodge and are planning to start Bingo in August to raise funds for our own building. The officers of Clifton heard about our situation and contacted Jim Casacchia,PDDGER, our Advisor and a Trustee of our Lodge with their offer to help us get started. We were excited when we heard the news and even more so when we saw the great equipment. We were met at the Lodge by ER Weldon Copeland who gave us a tour of the building and a history of the Lodge. Clifton will be celebrating their 100th year in 2009. While we were loading up Secretary Jim Denton, PDDGER stopped by to greet us. It was a long journey for us, but a great day where we really felt the hand of Brotherhood. Making the trip were Inner Guard Al Papera, Duane Hauswirth, Trustee Jim Casacchia and Secretary Chet Wilkinson pulling a trailer provided to us by member Ron Reolle of CV Tailers in Chino with Arizona liscence plate TR 2842!

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