Wallingford, CT Lodge News

District No. 1640

Grand Exalted Ruler Special Commendation Award 2007

As I previously stated there were two people being considered
for the Elk of the Year. I would be remiss if I did not recognize the
other member who spent many hours volunteering. This member
will also be recognized and honored at the Elk & Officer of the Year
event with the Grand Exalted Ruler Special Commendation Award.
This member has kept the kitchens in order by organizing and
reorganizing after our many events, spent hours cleaning our hall
ovens, single handedly prepared the inventory of all lodge assets as
requested by the District Deputy; has prepped, cooked, served and
cleaned, collected tickets, sold raffle tickets, monitored the guest
book for many, many Friday Socials and lodge events, has cared
for our summer and Christmas flowers, is a member of the house
Committee and the list goes on.

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