Wallingford, CT Lodge News

District No. 1640

Elk of the Year 2007

Choosing Elk of the Year was equally as difficult, finally bringing
the choice to two members. Both of these individuals spent many
hard working hours at the lodge. However, there was one who due
to experience as a past officer and house committee member was
able to contribute in many different aspect of the lodge. The Elk
of the Year chosen not only worked many events in and outside
of the lodge, but also filled in when officers were absent, help
coached the officers for ritual initiations and competition, has on
several occasions dropped what he was doing at home to correct
some crisis at the lodge, as well as being there for me, as a PER
and a friend, over my last seven years as an officer. He was the
organizer of 5 major events our lodge held during this year&.Family
Picnic, Member Outing, Taste of Wallingford, Turkey Shoot, and the
Christmas Buffet.

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