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West Shore Elks 'float' in Holiday Parade

Saturday November 18th, the West Shore Elks Drug Awareness Committee, lead by chairperson Bill Tauriello, participated in the annual Harrisburg Holiday Parade.

Tauriello, newly minted DAC chairperson, has a passion for community outreach. His mission is to inform all who will listen about the dangers of prescription and illegal drugs. The Harrisburg Holiday parade is the first of many planned outreach events.

Volunteers brought up the trailer and a team of decorators transformed the plain utility trailer into a magical float with Christmas trees, Dancing Santa, wreaths and snow.

The parade participants met at the Lodge at 6 a.m. on the chilly Saturday morning. Transport to the City Island staging area had to be completed by 8:30 a.m.

Once the parade started, the Elks volunteers handed out Drug Awareness coloring books and holiday candy. The parade route was packed with families and it was a fun time for both participants and spectators.

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A special notes from Bill:

Thanks to those who were able to give of their time and talents Friday evening to decorate the float.  It turned out looking fantastic.  Think for a moment what we accomplished.   We did that in about 3 hours!  

Additional thanks to those who gave of their time to march in the parade.  While we did come close to freezing on that bridge, it was so worthwhile!!

For me personally, seeing the joy in the faces of all those children and their tiny voices saying “thank you, Merry Christmas” is a memory I will never forget, and it was certainly a heart moment.  I was also joyful and grateful that our daughter marched and handed out candy as well – it was a good civics lesson for her.