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Eagle River, AK Lodge News


Due to the rising price of everything, and a 31% increase in our burger expense, we are forced to raise our Friday Night Burger price to $13.  We do our best to keep our costs down, but current circumstances are forcing our hand. 

The purpose of Lodge meals has always been to encourage members to come in, visit with old friends and make some new ones; to give value to their membership.  We aren’t trying to pay the mortgage with profits from burgers, but we can’t sell them at a loss and make it up in volume. 

There is one way to get a free burger, however...Volunteer to cook!  Get a team of 4 or 5 together and sign up...no prep is required: all the necessary ingredients will be prepped and waiting for you at 5 pm on Friday.  Cook and deliver burgers, then make one for yourself!  When you are done eating, clean up the kitchen and you are done.  It is just that simple, and most discover it is fun.  Burgers not your bag?  Have a fish fry or Bratwurst, spaghetti or lasagna...if you cook it, they will come, and the Lodge will get all the ingredients you need to have it be a success.