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Queen of Hearts Weekly Raffle


Terre Haute Elks Lodge #86


I.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  There is no ticket purchase limit.

2.  Ticket sales are limited to members ofLodge #86, spouses and widow(ers) of members of Lodge #86,visiting members of any Elks Lodge, and candidates who have been elected to membership in Lodge #86.

3.  Members must be in good standing with current membership dues in order to participate.

4.  Drawing shall be held Wednesday at 6:45 pm.

5.  Ticket sales end promptly at 6:30 pm.

6.  Only one name per ticket.  Ticket must include first and last name.  

7.  Tickets shall not be altered or manipulated in any way.  If an altered or manipulated ticket is drawn, it shall be discarded.

8.  No mailing labels or stickers of any kind may be  affixed to the ticket.

9.  If the drawn person is not present, the number noted on their raffle ticket (in the supplied container) will be chosen.  If no number is noted on the raffle ticket, the lowest available number shall be chosen on their behalf.

10.  The Jackpot will be recalculated following the weekly drawing in the following manner:  previous Jackpot PLUS ticket sales of the current week LESS 20% (retained by the Elks in the segregated gaming account) less  current week payout.  Example: Previous pot:  $1000 + current week ticket sales ($100) LESS 20% of current week ticket sales ($20) LESS current week ticket payout ($20) = NEW JACKPOT $1060.

11.  Payouts (90% if present, 50 % if not present at the time of the drawing).

  • Queen of Hearts (Jackpot as defined above)
  • Joker (2) $100
  • Queen (other than Hearts - 3) $50
  • Face Cards (Ace, King, Jack - any suit) $20
  • Non=Face Card (2-10 - any suit) Free Drink

12.  Raffle tickets shall be discarded following  the drawing each week.

13.  The game concludes with the revealing of the Queen of Hearts (Jackpot).

14.  The Jackpot of each new game shall begin with at least the ticket sales amount of the final week of the previous drawing.

15.  Taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

16.  No prize money will be released to the winner(s) until all necessary information is provided in person for documentation and reporting purposes.

17.  Prize money may be distributed in the form of a check up to 7 days after the conclusion of the game.

18.  If it is necessary to change the  drawing date, it shall be announced at the previous drawing and/or by email.  

19.  Disputes shall be settled by the House Committee.  All decisions are final.