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Updates at the Lodge June 2020

From the Desk of the Exalted Ruler:

Please take a minute to review the Notice and Recommendation below It contains the newest and first written version of a Member’s social media policy for Lodge 1068. After reviewing it, you will see that it neither adds or subtracts from your existing obligations to other members to treat them with courtesy and respect, on both the internet as well as at the Lodge. This policy was introduced and discussed at our June 11, 2020 meeting. This policy is different from the Social Media Policy for Employees, which was previously implemented on June 6, 2020.

Therefore, in light of the recent abuse of posting privileges, to prevent inadvertent or inappropriate postings that might be detrimental to the Lodge, I am directing that, effective June 15, 2020 that ALL posts will be reviewed by an Administrator prior to posting on Lodge supported social media. These posts will be periodically reviewed; if there is a posting of immediate urgency, please contact me by phone or text with a copy of its content for expedited review and release. It is my hope that this process will quickly become merely a formality, as once members reconfirm their understanding of their responsibilities, these postings will be primarily for events or activities and/or not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.

Notice and Recommendation to Members of Somerville Lodge 1068 B.P.O.E.

The Exalted Ruler of Somerville Lodge 1068 B.P.O.E recognizes blogs, networking sites, and other social media as valuable tools to support the Lodge’s fraternal and charitable goals.

Members are urged to use discretion when participating in any online, electronic, or Internet media, tools, communities, and spaces for social interaction, sharing user generated content, or public or semi-public communication. Social media typically uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues. Social media can take many different forms, including internet forums, blogs & microblogs, online profiles, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video, email, text, instant messaging, music- sharing, and chat, to name just a few. Examples of social media include but are not limited to the following: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs.

This notice and recommendation cautions members when they participate in social media as part of their activities as a member of the Lodge. It recalls to your memory the obligations contained in our oaths regarding our responsibilities: to keep confidential the internal discussions and workings of our organization, to protect the reputations of every member and treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times.

Members are responsible for the content they publish on social media and should use good judgment to avoid actual or apparent violations of their oaths. Members should be mindful that the things they say or do on social media concerning their participation in Lodge activities, or comments made about the Lodge, or other members, are publicly available and searchable and may be forever accessible, which can be then associated to the detriment of the Lodge. Comments, expressions, and other postings on social media must be honest and respectful of others; respect confidential, personal, and proprietary information; and comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and Grand Lodge Statutes, Regulations and policies.

Members are reminded that violation(s) of their obligations occurring through the abuse of social media policy will be subject to discipline pursuant to the Lodge’s By-Laws and/or Elks Statutes, up to and including suspension of privileges and termination of membership.

If there are any difficulties encountered in your participation as a Lodge member, either with social media or at the Lodge, I remain available to you either by Zoom, email or telephone to answer your questions or to collect your concerns. I promise a Yes, No or I don’t know answer, with a reason, all to help us all resolve any concerns and move forward in our fraternal and charitable purposes.

Fraternally Yours,

Peter Mone, Exalted Ruler, Somerville Lodge 1068 dated 6/15/2020 

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