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District No. 9280

Veteran Welcome Kits

Bellingham Elks Lodge Veterans Chair Kathy Bergman, and Harriet Mitchell work together with the Veterans Administration to provide homeless veterans with supplies to start their new household, which is provided by the VA.  These kits contain some food. dishes, silverware, a table, chairs, a TV, a VCR player, soaps, towels, blankets and other supplies.  This might not seem like much but let me show you an e-mail that we received.    

  "You recently helped my son-in-law with a move-in package and I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for your help,  it helped SOOOOO much.  I was also thinking you probably don't get to know the person's story very much so I thought I would give you some info on the person you helped.  The short version is, my daughter passed away 11/2 years ago, leaving her significant other and her 6 year old son behind.  In my son-in law's grief he made some poor choices and me and gramps took care of our grandson. My son-in-law realized he needed to get it together and that he has a son to raise.  He's worked hard over the last year and is doing an awesome job with his son.  With the help from the VA, the Opportunity Council, and Bellingham Housing, he and his son now have a warm safe place to be together and start a new chapter in their lives.  Your help and generosity is very much appreciated!!  Thank you !!"                      

Sometimes we need to stop and think about those we help and never know.  It really makes a person feel good.  A big THANK YOU to Kathy and Harriett !                                                                              


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