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In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, the Grand Lodge has given the opportunity for every lodge to receive a $1500 Anniversary Grant.  Unlike other grants, this one does not require lodges to meet certain financial criteria.  The only criteria is to create a project that will provide goodwill and aid to your our local community.  The committee believes you will be very pleased with our proposed project. 


All of us are aware of the drug and alcohol problems plaguing our community.  Addiction is a horrible disease that has touched the lives of many of our members in some manner.   It does not discriminate.  Resurrection Power is a faith based organization, in the City of Washington, that helps individuals that have been through rehabilitation and are trying to reestablish their lives through structured living.  Resurrection Power is privately funded, not able to qualify for any state funding or grants because they are faith based.   


The residents in their four homes are supervised daily.  They must maintain a job, pay rent, attend AA/NA meetings and attend church.  They are all dedicated to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children.  Many residents are trying to reestablish relationships and trust so one day they can become a family unit once again.  The recovery rate through these homes is higher than other homes in the area.   


This is where our lodge can help - We are proposing to create children areas in each of these four homes.  An area for children to be able to relate to, feel comfortable and for parents to share time and smiles with them.  Book shelves filled with books, games, both education and fun, drawing material, puzzles, movies - items that can be used over and over but make this temporary home seem more like a home.  


We would also like to provide children an overnight bag when they are sleeping over.  Maybe a nice soft blank, books, snack - something to take home to remind them of their time with their parents.


A magazine rack filled with literature available through the Elks Drug Awareness Program will be placed in each home as well and filled continuously. 


When we presented our idea to Resurrection Power they were thrilled. It is a wonderful addition to the homes.


We received official notification that our application for this grant is approved!  We will need volunteers to help bring this worthwhile project to fruition.  WE NEED YOU!


If you are interested in volunteering, please see Michelle Patterson or Tom Olzer.   


Elks Care Elks Share is our Elks Motto and this grant allows us to do just that within our community! 


Thank You!

Michelle Patterson

Elks Grant Chairman