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Our RV Parking Facility Continues to break records


Our RV Parking Facility Continues to break records

Camp Ground Host Stan Foreman reports that our RV Parking Facility was booked solid for the January  Balloon Fest and he is close to being full for the pyrotechnic display in February.  The thirteen additional spaces were completed just in time for the Balloon Fest which allowed us to host 25 visiting Elks with full hookups plus 16 more spaces in the overflow area.

Stan reports many positive comments from our guests who like our RV park, the bar and our great dining room. 

The success of the RV Park can be shared by all who have contributed to it's development.  The Vagabonds RV Club who donated the funds to get the project started, Floyd Davis, Bob Clark and Craig Willson who spent many hours of hard work during its construction, and the many volunteers who helped complete it in time for the Balloon Fest. A big thanks to you all!

The RV Park will prove to be a major source of income for our Lodge for many years to come.

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