Arcadia, CA Lodge News

District No. 0980

Foothill Unity Center Back to School - August 8, 2017

On August 8, 2017, Arcadia Elks Lodge #2025 partnered with the Foothill Unity Center for a Back to School Event. The Lodge used Grants of $4,000 to obtain two stations at the event. Elks volunteers assisted in handing out boys’ and girls’ socks and Elks Drug Awareness materials to approximately 1,200 K-12 Students. The Lodge used a $2,500 Promise Grant and $1,500 Anniversary Grant to fund this project.


L to R: Members Sandria Askin, Mary Howard, Dorothy Mc Cain, Holly Earle and Project Chairman Bill Earle

Project Chairman William Earle presenting a check for $4,000 to Betty Mc Williams, Director of the Foothill

Chairman Bill Earle and Dorothy Mc Cain handing out socks and Drug Awareness Materials 



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