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District No. 0520

Proposed Change to smoking policy


As printed in the April Maverick a proposal to change our By Laws regarding smoking was discussed at the April 10th meeting.  There was a spirited discussion on the pros and cons of the proposal.

The proposal will involve the erection of a ramada on our patio that will be misted, equipped with fans and TV (and in the winter with side walls and a patio heater) and the smokers will be asked to enjoy their smoking on this patio instead of in the Lounge.  We also hope to install a "pass through" window of some sort to the bar to make it easy to order or refill drinks.

Driving this proposal is the ancedotal evidence that many, if not the majority, of our members do not regularly patronize the Lounge due to smoking.  It's a fact that the majority of the new members initiated this past year will not come back due to smoking.

If the Lodge is to survive and prosper we must attract not only new members, but also attract as many paying customers as we can to the Lounge.  As we start up food service again this will be even more important.

There's no question this will be a change for our existing smokers but it is hoped for the good of the Lodge the smokers understand that while we do value and appreciate them as members, they do need to enjoy their smoking on the (covered) patio and not in the Lounge.

This By-Law change will be voted on at the meeting April 24th to be held at 7:00pm in the Multipurpose Room.  For the good of YOUR Lodge, please plan on attending and voting your intention.




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