Davenport, IA Lodge News

District No. 3200

2017 Chili Cook-off at the Lodge

Some fun was had at the Lodge on Friday, January 20, 2017, during our first Chili Cook-off. There were ten people who brought chili vying for both first place and a year of bragging rights. The three judges, ER John Zamora, Beth Bearbower and David Brus, were briefed on the guidelines for judging and then started tasting and ranking the chili based on chili aroma, color, consistency, taste and aftertaste. After tasting all ten chilies, eating lots of crackers and drinking (the best part), the final tallies showed there was a three-way tie for first place.

Judges had to be called back together for a taste-off. The final round determined Georgia Mossage made the best chili, Anna Hansen placed second and Bettie Roggenkamp placed third. Attendees each received a sample of Georgia’s best chili and then enjoyed bowl after bowl of chili picking from the nine remaining pots.

Thank you to all who participated, brought corn bread and desserts, our judges and all who came to support and enjoy the chili!

Chili participants: Phil Bearbower, Erin Fitzsimmons, Anna Hansen, June Hebbel, Harlan Kundel, Georgia Mossage, Dale Otto, Linda Reid, Bettie Roggenkamp and Neil Simmons

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