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District No. 3000

United We Stand Raffle

The Terre Haute Elks Lodge #86

"United We Stand" Progressive Raffle

Terms and Conditions

United We Stand is a weekly progressive raffle. You can participate by purchasing a ticket from the bar at the Terre Haute Elks Lodge #86. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5. The purchaser will write their name (only one name per ticket) and phone number on their ticket and deposit to the secure container. Tickets should not be folded or bent in any way. Bent or mutilated tickets will be discarded.

Those eligible to participate are:

Paid members of Elks Lodge #86, their spouses, or significant others, widows (ers) of members of lodge #86.

Visiting members of any Elks Lodge

Elks member applicants awaiting initiation (no guests)

Drawing will take place Friday nights at 7:00 p.m., provided the club is open for business. (One ticket will be drawn)

If the person whose ticket is drawn is present, he/she selects one available space only from the board and it is revealed.

If your name is drawn and you are not present, you will be given the next number that has not been exposed, starting from #1 through #50.

If the U.S. Flag is not selected from the United We Stand board, all tickets are discarded and then sales resume for the following weeks drawing. Tickets will be sold after the drawing and continue until ½ hour before the next drawing. All remaining money in the pot will roll over to the next week.

A member, and/or officer, who is listed on the raffle license, will draw one ticket.

Pot is progressive until the U.S. Flag is revealed.

Prize Structure:

There are 50 spaces on the United We Stand Board and every space is a prize winner.

If U.S. Flag is selected:

Winner present:

60% of the pot to winner.

20% of the pot deposited to following week’s drawing.

20% of pot deposited to gaming account.

Winner not present:

40% of pot to winner.

30% of the pot deposited to following week’s drawing.

30% of pot deposited to gaming account

If Statue of Liberty is selected:

Winner present – 10% of pot

Winner not present 5%

If Liberty Bell is selected - $20 if present or not

If Eagle is selected - $10 if present or not

If Star is selected – Free drink if present or not

Prize winners will be paid on the next business day after the US Flag is exposed. Any amount in excess of $1199 will be issued a Form 1099 for income tax purposes.

All disputes shall be referred to the Board of Trustees for resolution.

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