District No. 1080

Current Living Pearls

The Past Exalted Rulers Ladies currently consist of the following women (an asterisk preceding their name denoted that the PER has passed away):

Cathy Baldwin

Betty Beers

Laree Bennett*

Mary Branstetter

Bernice Bruno*

Kathy Checchi

Linda Marie Checchi

Myra Hershberger

Margaret Hexberg*

Jean Keown*

Linda Kinzer*

Donna Lady

Jean Meneley*

Lucy Michel*

Rosemary Parrish*

Mary Perez

Wanda Peterson*

Margy Pickett

Beverly Randall

Sandi Riley

Deanna Robinson

Irma Santiago

Sheila Schooler*

Ann Scully*

Mona Young-Lopez

Norm Lopez, PDDGER (First Gentleman 2006-07)

R.A. Pickett, PER (First Gentleman 2011-12)

Delores Gonzalez

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