District No. 1080

Carry-On Award by PDDGER John L. Sundberg

John Sundberg, PDDGER, gave members of the exclusive "Carry-On Award" an uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar for their outstanding work in service to the Lodge for help. Recipients of this prestigious award are as follows: 100 year committee, Grady Sain, Doug Randall, Ray Beers, Robbie Robinson, Margy Pickett, Hank Allen and Frank Frazier. As most of you are aware, John passed away on December 28, 2006. Over his sixty one years in Elkdom, he held several positions in our Lodge, in the South Central Coast District and for CHEA. John became Exalted Ruler in 1962. In 1965-1966, he became State Vice President of the South Central Coast District then on to District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler in 1968-1969. John also held several positions, namely State Trustee of California-Hawaii Elks Association and District Leader of the South Central Coast District. A memorial service was held for him at our Lodge on Sunday, February 11, 2007. Several dignitaries from State, District and local Lodges attended. John is survived by his daughter, SuZanne (who became an Elk in her father's presence in 2006). John was 98 years young.

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