Madison, WI 410

Camp Wawbeek

Madison Elks Lodge #410 along with the other thirty two Elks Lodges in the State of Wisconsin, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Elks Association and the Easter Seal Association, built and continue to support this facility which was established in 1938 to give children and adults with disabilities a chance to hike, swim, learn about nature, try new adventures, and challenges in an accessible environment. The Respite Center, established in 1992, provides trained-staff to care for children and adults ages 3 and over, with severe disabilities, who require care or supervision 24/7 . The Respite Center is unique in that it is the one program in Wisconsin that provides over night, one-on-one care, and it accepts campers with severe and multiple-disabilities who are turned away by many other facilities. The camping experience taps into everyone's ability level. Counselors work one-on- one with campers to meet all their personal needs. Leisure and recreational activities are planned in a safe environment, and include arts and crafts, hiking, story telling and other activities based on the interests, needs and abilities of the campers.