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ENF Donations

ENF Donations - We need your help! 

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Our Lodge needs Our support to help Our community!

For the last several years through an active Grants Program, PT Elks has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to support veterans, youth, and the homeless in our community. Some examples:  an ongoing program for three years to provide camping and survival supplies for the homeless; vaccinations for homeless veterans; non-perishable food for homeless veterans; food for disadvantaged and hungry youth; musical instruments for disadvantaged youth; food for the PT Food Bank; a Safe and Sober party for our high school graduates; Chimacum High School Band, the annual Christmas Party, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt over 80 years running!

The funds for this work come from grants that we apply for from the Elks National Foundation (ENF). Some of these grants are only available if our Lodge membership has contributed our per capita to the ENF. In recent years through the generosity of our members we have had no difficulty meeting this goal. However, this year we are almost $3000 short. The coronavirus pandemic has short circuited so much in so many ways for all of us. When funds are going to be needed most because of the pandemic, we may not be in a position to help in the coming year. Please consider making a donation in any amount the ENF. Here’s how you can do it:

When you renew your membership online or on paper---there is place for you to add just $10 to make a contribution.That $10 can translate into big money for our community. Another way to contribute is to simply write a check-- If you have questions or if you might like to get involved in the amazing work that we do in our community, please contact any one of us on the committee.
Many thanks in Advance,

Rita Frangione
Paul Snider
David Crozier
Jackie Fischer
Robert Gray
Ken Brink