Oak Island, NC 2769

Past Exalted Rulers

The Lodge shall have a Past Exalted Rulers Association or Advisory Committee which shall consist of all the Past Exalted Rulers of the Lodge and all Past Exalted Rulers of another Lodge who are now Members of the Lodge, as defined in Section 1.140 hereof, which shall advise with and extend its counsel to all Lodge Officers and Committees and shall have the following duties, subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and Statutes of the Order:

(a) To elect its own Officers.  (b) To adopt rules for the conduct of its business.  (c) To hold meetings and to specify the dates of such meetings.  (d) To make recommendations for Lodge Committee appointments and candidates for office.  (e) To assist the Exalted Ruler.  (f) To engage in and make recommendations in other activities which will promote the good of the Lodge and of the Order.

Past Exalted Rulers:

Roger DePuyt

Debra Welch

David McDuffie

Jason Young

Peter McGrath