District No. 3800

History of Calvert Lodge

On March 4, 1980, at 8:00PM, 15 patriotic American gentlemen met at the Rustic Farm Restaurant with the idea of forming a new Lodge in Calvert County. Brothers Jerry Stegman, Chairman of the New Lodge Committee of the Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia Elks Association, Southern District; Vince Lavery, District Deputy Grand Exalter Ruler; Marlan Dean, Past State President; Past Exalted Rulers Ralph Biagi, Marlow Heights #2332, Art Gordon, Bowie #2309, Charles Johnson, Forestville #2565; Brothers Don Fink, Bill Bailey, Sam Parlino, Frank Cantee, all of Prince Georges #1778; Jim Hugglestone, Waldorf #2421; Bob Tucker, Forestville #2565; Bob Eveland of Dunkirk, Douglas Schwab of Prince Frederick and Joe Leslie of Dowell attended this very important gathering. Nominations and elections were held to form the Organizing Committee.
On March 11, 1980 the location of the meeting changed to the Calvert Room Restaurant in the Prince Frederick Shopping Center. At this time, the first application for membership was received on behalf of Joe Leslie.
Due to the ever growing membership, on May 13, 1980, we were forced to change our meeting location again. Alan Burke, owner of the Gateway Restaurant on Broomes Island Road, graciously made his facilities available to us.
On June 3, 1980, application number 100 was received on behalf of Ralph Biagi, a transfer dimit from Marlow Heights #2332. After a thorough discussion on possible names for our Lodge "Calvert Lodge" was unanimouly approved.
On July 15, 1980, District Deputy Vince Lavery read a letter from Grand Exalted Ruler Robert Grafton granting Calvert Lodge #2620 a dispensation effective June 30, 1980.
On August 19, 1980 a report from out first Crab Feast was read and stated it was a success. Application number 200 on behalf of Carroll C. Wood was read.
Elections for Calvert Lodge #2620 Officers were held on September 9, 1980. The following officers were elected; Exalted Ruler - Joe Leslie; Esteemed Leading Knight - Dick Chaney; Esteemed Loyal Knight - Bob Tucker; Esteemed Lecturing Knight - Bob Eleland; Secretary - John Shrieves; Treasurer - Edgar Smith; Tiler - Don Faircloth; and Trustees Ralph Biagi, Don Fink, Ben Gurtoski, Elmer Robinson and Clarke Rawlings.
On Sunday, October 5, 1980, 215 days after the first meeting of 15 American gentlemen, and through the hard work of many others, Calvert Lodge #2620 became a reality.
Institution, Initiation and Installation took place at Calvert Senior High School at 1:00PM. Initiation of members were conducted by the Officers of Marlow Heights Lodge #2332. Now approximately 600 American gentlemen and ladies can "Reach Out WITH ELKDOOM" to the citizens of Calvert County, Maryland.
This short history of the Calvert Elks Lodge is a history in progress. We are proud of the dedication and commitment of the membership to the continued growth and prosperity of our Lodge. We are also looking forward to many years of continuing service to our community and "Telling America About Elkdom".

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