District No. 5860

Committee Chair-people

Special Needs Children: TBA,

Accident Prevention: Dawn Bay, 

Lodge Activities (General Comm)& Community Activities: Al Wagner

Americanism: TBA

Audit & Accounting: Sabastian Balliro

Lodge Newsletter- TBA

Investigation: Ed Williams

Lodge Webmaster/Cyber Assistant: Lori Lunger

Memorial Sunday & Flag Day: TBA

Drug Awareness: John Olivera

National Veterans Services: Thomas J. Lunger Sr

ENF: Linda Murphy

PER Association: Thomas Lunger Sr, Torgie, Scott Sniffin, John Wilkinson, Dave Murphy, Ed Williams & Lori Lunger,

Public Relations: Lori Lunger

Finance & Investment: Dawn Bay(Head of Trustees)

Scholarships: Jennifer Coffin

Government Relations: TBA

Soccor Shoot: Fred Reichardt

Hoop Shoot: Al Wagner

NJ Wildwood State Convention/Better Parades:TBA

House Comittee: Al Wagner

Picnic Committee: TBA

Youth Activities: TBA

Membership & Lapsation: Allison Ferdinand

Visiting Committee Chair- TBA

 Indoctrination/ Orientation Coordinator: John Wilkinson

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