District No. 5860

To Our Absent Members

In vain we call. They have passed into the light which is beyond the valley of the shadow of death. The places that have known them will know them no more; but their virtues are written on the tablets of love and memory.


Ralph Mehall

Robert Masek


Carl Westerfield-PER


Michael Yatsko

Robert Rinkovsky


Charles Sampson


Donald Lambert

Romeo DeFago


William Ihling

Guy Bush


John Havay

Larry Smaaladen

Tony Henderson


Philip V.Headley- PER

Tom Frey

Robert "Bob" Hughes


Gerald Emery


Ronald L. McGrath

James Heitz

Lesley Farkas

Brandon Papa

William Doyle Sr.

Mike Query


Gary Heater


Tom Batlle

Tara Hallingse

Lou Baker


Salvatore Ritz


G. Scott Sniffin- PER

Edmund Reiss

Robert Wilkinson


"The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop at late or early hour. Now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil with a will. Place no faith in time. For the clock may soon be still."

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