District No. 2080

House Rules



Rule # 1
All outside entrances to the facilities will be secured at all times. Entrance during normal operating hours may be gained by use of current key card or admission by a member or employee after proper identification. The exception to this rule is at such times as the club facilities are open to the general public by appropriate authority.
Only regular members and associate members in good standing of B.P.O.E. 2284 who have a current key card will be allowed to enter the club during normal operation hours. The use of key cards is limited to the individuals to whom they are listed.
a. All visiting Elks in good standing will be admitted to the club facilities by displaying a current membership card from their home Lodge signing our guest register.
b. All individuals entitled to a BPOE 2284 courtesy card wife, widow, dependent, etc will be admitted to the club displaying their current courtesy card.
c. A member shall be held responsible for the lady guest. A lady guest uses the club by courtesy, not by right and the courtesy may be suspended or canceled.
d. Member and guests will not mar, deface or damage the club or Lodge, its cost of the operation of the club or Lodge. The member will be held liable for the damages.

Rule #2
A current membership or courtesy card must be shown in order to obtain service in the bars in the dining room and only authorized card holders may purchase food or beverages in the club. The only exception to this rule is in the area of the club which has been opened to the public by appropriate authority. Under no circumstances will unauthorized individuals be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Rule #3
Lounge hours will be posted and adhered to.

Rule #4
Automobiles, trucks and other motor vehicles will be parked in the parking areas within designated lines. They will be parked with the front end facing inward. No vehicles will be parked on the grass, driveways or service areas unless authorized to do so by proper authority. The club is NOT responsible for vehicles or articles therein.

Rule #5
The club will not be responsible for any articles left or damaged within the Lodge facilities.

Rule #6
No animals or pets shall be allowed in the building, except guide dogs.

Rule #7
Complaints, criticisms or pertinent information concerning the bar, dinning room or Lodge will be in writing, signed and placed in the suggestion box. The House committee will take appropriate action. Members are not permitted to reprimand employees.

Rule #8
No outside solicitations will be allowed.

Rule #9
Checks will be cashed for members of New Port Richey Elks 2284 at the discretion of the bartender or the House Committed. A member to have one (1) noncollectable check returned shall have his/her check cashing privileges terminated. Personal checks shall not exceed $50.00 (fifty dollars).

Rule #10
On Lodge meeting nights and special meetings of the Lodge, the bar will be CLOSED and all other club activities, except an Elkette meeting will cease. Any Elk who is not attending the meeting may not physically remain on the premises. The bar will reopen at the completion of the Lodge meeting.

Rule #11
Proper attire will be worn at all times, shoes and shirts are required for admittance to the Lodge. No Cut-offs or muscle shirts permitted. Shorts will be permitted at any time except at a function that is ticketed with a stated dress code or at any meeting with an initiation or visitation from District State Officers.

Rule #12
Vulgar or obscene language shall not be permitted. One warning should be sufficient, second offense you will be asked to vacate the premises and shall be subject to discipline according to article IX, Section 2 of the Lodge by-laws. Loud and boisterous behavior as to annoy another will not be allowed.

Rule #13
Any member whose conduct is unbecoming, an Elk may be disciplined at the discretion of the House Committee.

Rule #14
Persons appearing to be inebriated or have imbibed to excess will not be served further alcoholic beverages. The Bar Manager and Bartenders are empowered to use their good judgment and discretion in executing the rule.

Rule #15
No alcoholic beverage shall be brought into or out of the premises except by the authorized delivery men or committee men whose function so dictates.

Rule #16
Members or guests will not be allowed behind the bar or in the kitchen unless it is in the performance of their appointed duties of the Lodge and club.

Rule #17
Children shall not be allowed in the Lounge after 9:00PM unless the activity of the evening includes them. Children will not be allowed in the Lounge without their parents or other responsible member. No children will be permitted at the Bar at any time.

Rule #18
Children under the age of 18 shall not be permitted in the Game Room area at any time, nor shall they be allowed to operate any vending machine in the Lounge area.

Rule #19
There will be no gambling whatsoever, or any other activity which is in violation of the Florida State Statutes or Pasco County ordinances.

Rule #20
When a member of this Lodge or an Elkette bring a guest, he or she should inform them that they can only visit the Lodge premises three times and will have to join the Lodge or Elkettes, if they do not, they will not be able to come to the Lodge and enjoy the privileges. It is the duty of this Lodge member and Elkette member to see that rule is obeyed. Out of town guests are excluded.

Rule #21
All rules herein contained will be governed by Grand Lodge Statutes 16.040.

These rules and additions were approved by the Grand Lodge on August 10, 2006.

Audrey Chapin

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