District No. 0880

Emblem Club

May 2019

Debbie Edwards, President

At this time, I am touring Portugal, Spain and Morocco. On our way to Portugal, we had a significant layover in New York. My husband, John and I had the opportunity to see the 911 Memorial. I learned a great deal more than what I thought I already knew about this tragedy. 

As I went down the last escalator out of the building, directly to my left was the Survivors Steps. These were the steps down to safety for the last people to leave the tower before it imploded upon itself. It was very sad, but my husband and I are glad that we went and paid tribute to all the men and women that died that day, as well as so many that rescued and assisted where they could.  Inside the memorial, I read this sign completely constructed using the pieces from both towers: “No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time”. And it won’t for my husband and I. 

Our Emblem Club celebrated 59 years on April 16 at the Elks Lodge. We had cake and refreshments and then we will played Bunco.  The State convention will be held in Ontario on April 29 to May 4. Lynn Mahoney and Rosann Seale will be attending.  We initiated two new members during our meeting on April 2. Welcome to Lisa Cuen and Sandee Zibull.  Our upcoming rummage sale will occur the first weekend in August. It’s time for Spring cleaning!  So gather up your unwanted gently used clothes and household goods for our club.

As I close, I wish each and every one of you good days ahead. 


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