Mechanicville-Stillwater, NY 1403

2023-2024 Committee Leaders

Accident Prevention Subcommittee -  David Wells, Chair

Activities Committee - F. Milo Jose, Chair

Americanism Subcommittee -  F. Milo Jose, Chair

Auditing & Accounting Committee - Thomas O'Neil, Chair 

Business Practices - Joann Wells

Drug Awareness Subcommittee - Linda G. DeVito, Chair 

Elks Memorial Day Service Subcommittee - Cynthia Wood, Chair 

Elks National Foundation -  Thomas A. O’Neil, Chair

Flag Day Subcommittee - F. Milo Jose, Chair 

Fraternal Committee - Thomas A. O’Neil, Chair 

Games of Chance - Thomas O’Neil, Chairman; Joseph & Linda DeVito, Bingo; F. Milo Jose, Bell Jar 

Government Relations Subcommittee - Renee Law, Chair 

Hoop Shoot Subcommittee - Edward J. Zuzick, Jr., Chair

House Committee - Cynthia Wood Chair, Members Victor Wood, Ant Maiello, Anne Kramek, Scott Newbury, Pete Natale PER, Joseph DeVito PER 

Lodge Grants - Thomas O'Neil, Chair

Membership Subcommittee -Linda DeVito Co-Chair, Cynthia Wood Co-Chair 

PER Association - Vincent D. Morrell, Chair 

Public Relations - Cindy Wood, Chair 

Scholarship - Ken Cooper, Chair 

Sickness/Distress - Linda DeVito, Chair

Soccer Shoot Subcommittee - Ed Zuzick, Chair

State Major Projects - Joann Wells, Chari; F. Milo Jose, Member

Veterans Services Subcommittee - Justin and Vanessa Derway Co-Chairs

Youth Activities - Edward J. Zuzick, Jr., Chair

Banquet Manager - Cynthia Wood, Chair

Bar Manager - Melanie  Kramek, Chair

Kitchen Manager - Cynthia Wood, Chair

Newsletter Staff - Joanne Wells, Chair

Cyber-Assistant - Cynthia A. Mack