Galion, OH 1191

Veterans Committee Report

Veterans Committee Chairman: Larry Olmutz
Updated August 2007

We are sending 54 August birthday cards to the veteran residents at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky. There are 624 veterans residing in this huge facility. It is customary to have about 1/3 of them housed in the Vets Hall and the rest in the actual rest home. If you would like to send cards, notes and or donations to these veterans we receive a list each month and can be emailed to you after it arrives. The file is in Excel and is ready for mail merge. By using Priority mail it only cost $4.60 to send as many envelopes as can be stuffed into the package. (54 for August $4.60) Any questions about our veteran program, Email

August Ohio Veterans Rest Home winners of our birthday
$5.00 random drawing: Ralph A. Benfield, Kenneth M.
Caldwell, John Iannelli, James G. Johnson and Edward A. Molzan
Larry Olmutz Chairman