District No. 2840

Queen of Hearts

QUINCY, IL 62305

The Queen of Hearts Raffle utilizes the Queen of Hearts manufacturer's board.
The board has been developed specifically for this Raffle game. The board consists of 52 playing cards plus 2 Jokers randomly placed face down and numbered. Tickets will be sold and placed in a tumbler for drawing.
All Tickets will be sold to Members or Spouse only

1. MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO PURCHASE A TICKET. Ticket will be sold for $1.00
2. All participants must register your (Member #) to put on all ticket stubs. 
3. The drawing date will be each Monday @ 7:00pm @ The Quincy Elks Lodge 100.
4. Tickets will be sold immediately after the drawing, and on days the Lodge is open for business by committee members and up to 30 minutes before the next week drawing.
5. The purchaser holding the winning ticket will receive a specific amount of money (Determined by Pot Amount/Stage) and can pick a card from the board, (must show a photo ID or Member Card before a card can be picked from the board.)
6. If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, the pot will roll over until the next week. Previous weeks tickets are discarded, and new ticket purchases begin. It could take up to 54 weeks.
7. If an Ace, King,10, Joker or Deuce is drawn a specific amount of money (Determined by Pot Amount/Stage) is Awarded.
8. If you know you will not be present at the next drawing, you can write a numbered card from the board on your raffle ticket stub and a representative of the Elks Lodge will select/open your numbered card. If you do not put a card number on the ticket stub a card will be randomly selected on your behalf. If you are not present and your number selection is the Queen of Hearts, you will receive 50% of the amount and the remainder will be added to the new board.
9. If the winning ticket holder picks the Queen of Hearts, they will receive the listed pot amount. (This is 60% of the amount received. The Elks Charities retains 20% of the total amount. 10% Expenses and 10% goes toward the jackpot, which will be removed from weekly sales)
10. If an amount of $600.00 or more is won on the Queen of Hearts raffle, necessary tax information will be required, and tax forms will be issued by the Elks Lodge.
11. All winners will be paid by a check only. Must have a Photo ID or Member Card to claim any Winnings.
**  All Rules are subject to change due to Capacity and Safety Regulations.

Payouts Based on the Amount in the Jackpot

Stage 1                                                          Stage 2

            Pot Amount   $0-$5,000                         Pot Amount   $5,001-$10,000

            Ticket Winner            $25.00                         Ticket Winner          $50.00

            Any Deuce                $25.00                         Any Deuce                $50.00

            Joker                         $30.00                        Joker                         $60.00

            Any Ace                    $20.00                         Any Ace                    $20.00                     

            Any King                   $15.00                        Any King                    $15.00

            Any 10                      $10.00                         Any 10                       $10.00

Stage 3                                                          Stage 4

            Pot Amount   $10,001-$15,000             Pot Amount   $15,001-$20,000

            Ticket Winner          $75.00                      Ticket Winner           $100.00

            Any Deuce              $75.00                       Any Deuce               $100.00

            Joker                      $180.00                      Joker                        $210.00

            Any Ace                  $20.00                       Any Ace                    $20.00                     

            Any King                 $15.00                       Any King                   $15.00

            Any 10                    $10.00                       Any 10                       $10.00

Stage 5                                                          Stage 6

            Pot Amount   $20,001-$40,000              Pot Amount   $40,001 and up

            Ticket Winner           $125.00                    Ticket Winner          $150.00

            Any Deuce                $125.00                   Any Deuce               $150.00

            Joker                         $210.00                   Joker                        $240.00

            Any Ace                     $20.00                    Any Ace                    $20.00                     

            Any King                   $15.00                     Any King                   $15.00

            Any 10                       $10.00                    Any 10                      $10.00



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