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Flag Day

traTTThe Flag Day program, conducted by our officers, was held Saturday, June 15th on our patio. I completely agree with our ER, the ceremony was very impressive. PDDGER Jeff Becker gave the History of the Flag and PSVP Lois Burns gave the response. Flags were present by Girl Scout Troop 30174 They were Tayla Becker, Shannon Diane and Olivia Marello. Music was provided by Lois Burns and Edwin Stuhlmiller. DDGER Bernaard Payne from Dunkirk Lodge gave an inspiring speech and David Marcizewski (US Navy retired) played the Boatswain’s Pipe.

Joe DeMarco from Wings Flight of Hope and Dennis Priore from the Buffalo-Niagara Honor Flight were in attendance to receive $500 donations.

A special thanks to Tom Roach, from Twin Cities Lodge #860 for assisting with the program. ER

Nancy Swiston did an excellent job running the program

Posted by: Ken-Ton, NY #1942 (06/13/2024)

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