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Ms. Pat Malone (pmalone-2@hotmail.com)

from Brenham, TX, Lodge #979

Hi ... I was a long-time friend of Gene LaFleur. After my Blinn college days, Brenham was like my 2nd home. LaFleur and I would "hang out" at the Elks Club often. (You know LaFleur and his beer.) A few of the names I remember are Sam Winkleman, Kelvin Landry, Donald Lampe, and a few more.

Shortly I'll be moving my Mother to Brenham Nursing Home (after a massive stoke that has left her paralyzed, no speech and tube fed) and will be coming in to visit her on a sporadic basis. If you know someone who has an xtra BR to rent out, on a come and go basis, please let me know. Thanks, Pat 713-416-0705

Posted 05/24/2017 at 1:32 PM

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