FRS Training Material

Year End Closing for Restricted Accounts (xls)

Excel workbook designed to make the task of closing the 9xxxx series of accounts easier for lodges to perform. (Updated 4/9/2021)

FRS Due Date Calendar 2021/2022 (pdf)

Submission due dates for the current lodge year. (Updated 3/30/2021)

FRS Error Messages Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

A quick list of potential FRS problems and solutions. (Updated 8/13/2020)

Viewer and DD Report Execution Instructions (video)

How to execute the Lodge Submission Report, as well as the Balance Sheet and P&L Reports for distribution to Lodges by District Deputies. (Updated 7/17/2020)

FRS Actuals & Budgets (pdf)

A presentation is designed to help Lodge's to better understand how to use the Chart of Accounts, Actuals, and Budgets and how to submit them to Adaptive Insights. (Updated 7/3/2020)

  • Actual Template (csv)

    Template in CSV format for the one-time-only beginning balance submission, and then monthly actual reports.

  • Budget Template (csv)

    Template in CSV format for the yearly budget report.

Viewer Access Training for the Financial Report System (video)

Adaptive Insights - System and Reporting Walkthrough. (NOTE: Login information requests should be submitted to the FRS Help Desk.) (Updated 8/21/2020)

Chart of Accounts

FRS Data Reconciliation Instructions (pdf)

If the Lodge is advised that the Balance Sheet data in the FRS does not match the Form 990 data (or the "opening balance" data) the following steps should be followed. (Updated 10/26/2020)

QuickBooks Training Material

Quickbooks Online Guide (pdf)

A quick FRS reference guide for users of Quickbooks Online. (Updated 7/3/2020)

File Submission Instructions (pdf)

File submission instructions for users of Quickbooks. (Updated 7/3/2020)

QuickBooks Budget Export (video)

How to export your budget from Quickbooks. (Updated 7/27/2020)

QuickBooks Activity Export (video)

How to export your Quickbooks monthly G/L activity. (Updated 7/27/2020)

Quickbooks Beginning Balance Export (video)

How to create your beginning balance file to send to Adaptive Insights. (Updated 7/27/2020)

Creating Beginning Balance File from QuickBooks (pdf)

Beginning Balance file is a one-time only special file, that you need to send to Adaptive to establish the Opening Balance Sheet Data. (Updated 3/1/2021)

Adjusting Equity Balances (pdf)

Once all year end entries have been finalized, journal entries with a March 31 date need to be created and saved in QuickBooks to move Restricted Account balances to the proper Restricted Equity accounts. (Updated 10/29/2020)

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