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Archive Issue: April 2003



Could the Evening News Be Bad for Your Health? The Dangers of Information Overload By William J. Lynott

Each day Americans are bombarded with a wealth of data--TV news, the Internet, E-mail, faxes, voice mail, cell phones, pagers, catalogs, newspapers, and junk mail, just to name a few. Although everyone feels the need to be informed, there is such a thing as too much information, and it could be hazardous to your health.


An All-American Lodge Staff Report

By emphasizing charity and teamwork, Mount Vernon Lodge No. 819, located in downstate Illinois, in 2001-02 became one of Elkdom's All-American Lodges.


It's Nashville By Patricia Ann McNair

While most folks think of Nashville exclusively as the home of the Grand Old Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame, it's important to remember that Tennessee' second-largest city is also called the Athens of the South. In addition to a host of toe-tapping musical attractions, visitors to Nashville will find plenty of culture.


Daredevils of the Diamond By Bob Fulton

What must have been going through the mind of major league baseball player Joe Sprinz as he stood under a blimp waiting to catch a baseball that would soon be hurtling toward him at nearly 150 miles per hour? Despite the obvious perils of ball-drop publicity stunts, major leaguers inexplicably continue to risk their lives for a chance in the record books.



Message from the GER: Working Together for Continued Success


It's Your Business: Your Place in History Has VAlue By John Behrens


Healthline: Healthy Sandwishes and Safe Burgers By Bruce Paterson


Elks National Foundation: Joy of Giving


News of the Lodges: Elks Care--Elks Share


Beterans: Elks National Veterans Service Commission