Myrtle Beach, SC 1771

Myrtle Beach, SC Lodge No. 1771


WELCOME to Myrtle Beach Elks Lodge 1771. We are located at 606 27 TH Ave N., just 2 blocks from the MB Convention Center and 4 blocks from the beach!!  We welcome each and every Elk to come visit and enjoy our Beautiful Non-Smoking Lodge. Our Bar/Lounge is open 3PM Tuesday-Fri Closed on Sat, Sun, and Monday ecept for special occassions and meeting night .

Be sure to look at our Calendar, Lodge news page, and bulletin  to see all current and up-coming events. Our  regular meetings are held at 7 PM on the 2nd and 4th Mondays. Two meetings in February, March and April. The rest of the year only one regular meeting on the 2nd Monday except in July, August and September it will be held on 4th Monday. Initiation's wll be held on the 4th Monday's. Initiations will be held on 4th Mondays.