Mojave, CA 2059

District No. 0760

November 2015 Officers Notes

From our Exalted Ruler

Hi all, and welcome to November 2015. 

Our fundraising for the season really kicked off with a bang. The rib cook off in itself was quite an accomplishment. A big thank you to all for the hard work, and donation of material and equipment. I'm not going to try to name everyone who went over and above the call in this note. I don't have the room. But you know who you are, and please know how greatly the effort's were appreciated. 

Let's talk a little about safety. It appears our El Nino is coming about. This past week was a perfect reminder of mother nature's capability. We all need to remain cognizant of what is happening around us. Our desert region is well known for flash flooding. And for those who are new to the area, all those dry washes both big and small are there because they flow water. Trust and believe that! It wasn't too long ago that our little town was knee deep or better in mud and debris. Do not tempt fate. Turn around, go around, don't drown. The end of October and upcoming events in November should be fun. Let's look forward to that and we'll see ya then.

Fraternally Yours

R. Aday

Exalted Ruler


From our Secretary


Wow here we are in November already?  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.   We have 27 members with birthdays this month.  Come in to the lodge and get you free birthday steak.  Happy birthday to all of you but make sure you paid your dues and then have a free steak and fun on the lodge.

 We have 44 delinquent members: To our active members please remind our delinquent members to come in and pay their dues and enjoy the fun.

 If anyone has any questions on this matter they can contact myself at 824-2240

 and again thank you. Have a great month.

Patricia Cook

Lodge Secretary


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