Top 10 Reasons 2014 was a Great Year!

2014 was an action-packed year for the Elks family! As we ring in the new year, take a moment to read a few of the highlights from 2014.

1. The first-ever MVS Leadership Weekend was a huge success! The top 20 MVS scholars came together in Chicago to vie for the top scholarships, but the weekend turned out to be so much more. Click here to see.
2. 2013 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year, and former Hoop Shoot participant, Jesse LeBeau brought his message to the National Hoop Shoot Finals. Click here to watch his keynote speech.
3. We awarded Kelly Ryan Murphy with the 2014 Elks Alum of the Year Award! Kelly, a 2009 MVS scholar and Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient, dedicates herself to serving others with her talents.
4. Three Elks Scholar Advisory Board members joined the Elks! Click here to see why.
5. The Elks Scholar Advisory Board and six 2014 top MVS scholars came together to meet during the Elks National Convention in New Orleans. During the trip we filmed our first ever talk show, Midday with the ENF.
6. 2014 Top MVS winners Eric Kim and Autumn Pack blew everyone away with their speeches during the Elks National Convention in New Orleans. Click here to watch.
7. After the success of the Midday with the ENF talk show at the Elks National Convention, we launched monthly Midday podcasts, including a few episodes featuring Elks scholars. Click here to listen.
8. While attending a conference for Scholarship Providers in Pittsburgh, ENF staff met-up with local Elks scholars for dinner. Click here to read about it from Programs Coordinator Ashley Brown’s perspective.
9. Elks scholars showed their #ElksFamily pride!
10. On November 21, six Chicago-area Elks scholars joined Elks Headquarters staff in serving homeless veterans at the Chicago Stand Down. Read more.

Thank you for a great year! Click here for ways you can get involved with the Elks family in 2015.

In 2014-15, the Elks National Foundation appropriated $4.06 million to fund the ENF scholarship program, which provides college scholarships, ensuring a bright future for our nation’s youth. Today’s Elks scholars can be tomorrow’s Elks. Be sure to include Elks scholars from your Lodge in Lodge events and service projects. For more information about our scholarship programs, and for ways Lodges can get involved with Elks scholars, visit

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