Elks Scholar Meet-ups

Host a Meet-up!

Do you want to organize Elks scholars in your area? This is your chance to build relationships with fellow Elks scholars while sharing college stories and advice.

The ENF reimburses up to $15 per Elks scholar at the meet-up for up to 20 Elks scholars, so feel free to order a few pizzas to share or organize an activity. Take advantage of this opportunity by sending an email to scholarship@elks.org with your interest. We will review your request, and notify you once your meet-up has been approved. Once approved, we will send you more information by email which you can use to start planning!

What is an Elks scholar Meet-up?

A meet-up is a simply a fun and easy way for you to meet other Elks scholars! All you have to do is let us know you're interested in hosting, and we will send you a list of other Elks scholars in your area, whether that be on your college campus or in your hometown.

Your meet-up could be a movie night in your dorm, going bowling together, or just grabbing a meal together. Whatever you do, it will be a fun way to meet new people!

Why should I host a meet-up?

By taking the initiative to organize a meet-up, you are providing yourself and other scholars near you an opportunity to get to know someone new. College can sometimes be intimidating, so it is always nice to have an easy way to meet people. Plus, you never know who may be an Elks scholar at your school. At a past meet-up, two scholars lived on the same floor of their dorm and never even knew it! You will get to meet new people, enjoy a meal or activity, and maybe even make a new friend!

Email us to organize an Elks Scholar Meet-Up today!