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Featured Elks scholars!

A Mark on My Heart: Elks Scholars in Philadelphia

From March 7 to 11, eight Elks scholars traveled to Philadelphia for the Spring Elks Scholar Service Trip. The scholars had diverse backgrounds, with some coming from towns of less than a few thousand people and others coming from some of the biggest cities in the country. Though the scholars had very different upbringings, they were able to see the beauty in their differences—while finding plenty of similarities.

Elks Scholar Service Trips: A Commitment to Community

In January, the first Elks Scholar Service Trip of 2024 was held in Phoenix. Led by Elks Scholar Fellow Libby Willkomm, the trip was the embodiment of what it means to be an Elks scholar.

SAButations to the SAB

We're excited to welcome five new members to the Elks Scholar Advisory Board! These Elks scholars demonstrate the tenets of Elkdom through service to their communities, and they are eager to help bring together the #ElksFamily. Read more about them here!

Weigel Winners: Finding the "Why"

Some high school seniors head to college with their major in mind and their life planned out ahead of them, and others hope to find their passion by trying new things. But, all students are looking to find and maintain their “why,” the meaning to their goals. The Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship is for those Elks scholars who found their “why” in pursuing a career in medicine.

Erika Barger: Alum of the Year

Congratulations to the 2023 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year, 2006 Legacy Awards recipient Erika Barger!

wELKome the new SAB members!

Meet the newest members of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board! From California to New York and all the places in between, these changemakers have building stronger communities in their bones, and they are eager to work together strengthening the #ElksFamily into the new year.