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Dear Members,


Here is hoping everyone is ready for Spring!


Gresham Lodge 1805 is starting to open.  We are having our weekly Tuesday meetings, also serving dinners.  We have opened up on Friday night with Basket dinners.


 The Board of Directors is in full support of making sure that all protocol measures are followed.

We are asking everyone to wear a mask when up & moving around in the lodge.  If you are sitting at a table eating & drinking please enjoy yourself but when finished please put your mask back on.

  • Entering and exiting the Lodge will be though the front doors only.
  • Observe all signs and instructions for the protection of all our members and employees.
  • You will be welcomed by a host in the front lobby to direct you, masks are required.
  • Guests will not be permitted, except for spouses and significant others.

We are now able to return and enjoying being back in the lodge again, performing our charitable activities and socializing.


We hope to have your full support as members, as we experience this new way of operating and doing business.


We ask that our members support the required protocols, and that you be respectful to our employees, volunteers and other members.


Plated meals will be served on Tuesday and Friday. We will have a new menu posted when we return.


All meals will be prepared in the kitchen and delivered to the patron in the dining room or the lounge. All meals will be packaged in a plastic container for the near term. The following items will continue to be served.


Menu will consist of: Basket Meals: $9.00

1) Chicken Tenders w/Fries

2) Shrimp w/Fries

3) Fish & Chips

4) 2-Corn Dogs $4.00

5) Plated Salad $3.00

6) Fries $3.00, Tater Tots $3.00 Onion Rings $4.00


There will be no seating at the bar, this is a requirement of Oregon Health Authority.

We will provide 100% of the service at your table. We are requested to reduce the amount of casual engagement face to face.

The Oregon Lottery has specific instructions for the video lottery terminal: Only one person is allowed at or around the video lottery terminal at a time.

Each machine will need to be wiped down after each use and before being used by another member.

Please follow any posted signs on the machine.

Employees and volunteers will be required to wear face coverings, and gloves when cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting.

Employees and volunteers will minimize bare-hand contact with food through the use of utensils. There will be no self serve stations.


All members are asked to assist with sanitizing efforts by cleaning up after themselves, removing glassware to the bar, discarding trash in appropriate receptacles, etc. This will allow the bartender and clean up crew the ability to concentrate on sanitizing measures.


We ask our members to please observe these rules and regulations that are necessary for us to reopen.

Continue practicing good hygiene while in the Lodge. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer.


Please stay home if you are sick or cannot wear a mask.


Gresham Elks Lodge #1805
Board of Directors


3330 NE Division Street,
Gresham OR 97030



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