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Pasadena Photo Gallery

Pasadena Photo Gallery: NEW MEMBERS

March 2023 Initiates - Maria Perez, ER Laura Fiallos, Barbara Jacoby and Diane Askew

February 2023 Initiates - from left to right Martha Rivera, Janella Morton, Tracey Karadizian, Kristen Link, top row: Michael Shimpock, PER Neil Yeager, James Cahill and Gary Dye.

January 2023 Initiates - From left to right Steven Collins, Jeff Jagels, ER Teresa Skobba and Rushmore Cervantes

October 2022 Initiates - From Left to right: Nam Le, David Hurst, Vaugh Whalen, Eric Kaufman, Koyaana Redstar, ER Teresa Skobba and Katherine Donahue.

September 22 Initiates from left to right Christine Vallone, ER Teresa Skobba, Steven Arellano, Dr. Mark Wayne Dundee and Stephen Andrew Macala.

JULY 2022 Initiates From left to right Lucy Hartford, Diana Lopez, Beto Ortiz & Dr. Annette Ermshar (not present).

MAY 22 INITIATES Chad Chen, Doug Kinney, Joan Hearst, Susan Kinney, Sandra Mellin, Matt Nelson.

APRIL 22 NEW MEMBERS Matt Lilly, Marvin Lee, Teresa Bingley, ER Teresa Skobba, Kristen Harrison, Stephen Goodwin & Mary McDonald Winners.

MARCH 2022 NEW MEMBERS Jodynne Wood, William Alton, Doug McCrary, Lea Vasquez, Kristina Flores, Patricia J. Kaminski, Leslie Fishbein & Raul Barragan with our ER Rene Flores.

FEBRUARY 2022 NEW MEMBERS Mike Rosenberg, Jose Partida, Charlie Link, Vincent Tanasale, Randy Abrams with ER Rene Flores.


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